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Space Matters


The colours and vibrancy of a space can deeply affect the way that people feel, live grow in it, or perceive, react to it. The use of different colours in a workplace can help to create a more welcoming, stimulating, creative, productive environment for employees.

The brief was to revamp a small 1000 sft old apartment to suit for a chartered accountant’s office, with plenty of storage space and maximum seating capacity. As they always play with numbers and are boggled with deadlines, the MD wanted the office to be lively.

Arched entrance, geometric patterns, bursts of coloured hue and warm wooden tones greet you as you step inside this remodelled office located in Shankarpuram, Bangalore.

Internal walls were broken down in order to reconfigure the plan as per the requirements of the clients. A lot of civil changes and inclusion of verandas, were made to optimize the space. The final layout is simple, linear open layout and reflects clarity in planning. As the space is very cramped for the program, all spaces are squeezed in to accommodate all. As you step into the reception area, two cabins are positioned on right hand side, one being a conference room and the second being a cabin for the son/CEO. Adjacent to the CEO's cabin is the workstation area. A long passage to the right of the reception leads you to the staff areas, MD' cabin, washroom and the pantry.

 The generous use of glass ensures transparency and helps maintain a visual connectivity between the spaces. Monochrome geometric patterned tiles mark the flooring in the passage while the cabins and rooms are defined by grey neutral flooring. A few Arches were created to add to the playfulness of the space. The overall look is further played with addition of colours, including an upside-down arch in the reception. Storage spaces are numerous as are required in an office and these are smartly designed, preventing the rooms from looking cluttered. The windows of the old apartment are retained to allow maximum light and ventilation in the space. These windows are finished with peach colour.

The office space provides a wonderful atmosphere for creative and productive work. Through the analysis of the space function layer by layer, it captures the sensory differences of different spaces and provides a creative working environment.

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