The Tranquil apartment is located at the end of the food street, in V.V Puram, Bangalore. The structure is strategically layered between the residential locality and the ever bustling and lively food street. The area adorns a contemporary character from the contrasting old colonial structures and temples.

The design team wanted the characteristic of the surrounding area to be portrayed in the façade. The inside out façade allows the inmates to be in ode with nature. This also allows ample sunlight to veil the interiors. The entire apartment complex needs no artificial light for most part of the day. An open mouthed, wedge shaped feature on the façade cladded with wooden finished high-pressure laminates, denotes its adaptiveness to embrace the new and old culture. The wide spread rafters are receptive to the hustle and bustle, but also creates a curtain between the inmates and the outside world.

The curved shaped pattern in the center of the structure with triangular shaped pattern unites the wedge shape feature and the rigidity of the rafters. The minimal and contrasting use of colors, textures, shapes and materiality beholds the simple but alluring façade.