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Aj architects, Commercial architect in bangalore Award winning architect Top architecture firms in banglore

Architecture is entirely dictated by the search for quality of its urban and environmental insertion and for the excellence of the living and working conditions it offers and improve the quality of the workplace and living. The focus has been on creating a rich experience throughout the building while enhancing the connections with the surrounding landscape and flooding the building with natural light and fresh air.

Staggered Screen is a small Commercial complex of about 22000 sft located in Kumara park, Bangalore. The client’s brief was to plan keeping vastu principals at forefront, a congregation of small offices in all floors, which can be combined to make larger office spaces without any alterations.

The design team placed the service core on southern side of the building becoming a buffer to reduce heat gain in response to the climate. Being a west facing property, open terraces are planned on every floor, along with a roof top landscaped garden provide outdoor spaces for the office occupants.  


The projected wedge-shaped Staggered balconies/ terraces on the west side protect the inmates to be directly exposed to the harsh light and also reduce the overall heat gain, finally reducing the overall carbon footprint. The staggered balconies are further divided and subdivided with play of solids and voids. The solid and void created in the concrete finish panel adds to the brutality and interconnections of outside and the inside. The wooden finish rafter adds to the grandeur of the façade. The open terraces not only give some breathing space but also add a possibility of biophilic intervention and space to calm the human soul. Façade design complements the brutality with elegant intervention of complementary   palette of concrete, steel, timber, and engineered glass.

Solar panels at the roof top harness the ample solar energy, providing energy for the lighting of all the public areas. Over all we have tried to create energy efficient offices that open into outdoor spaces.

Aj architects, Commercial architect in bangalore Award winning architect Top architecture firms in banglore
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